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My tripod was in a really sad state. The part that holds the phone was broken as well as the ring that holds the legs in place. As my first practical project utilizing 3d printing I took it upon myself to fix it.

The broken part that needed to be replicated, with some sketches and measurements in the back ground

I designed a replacement piece in freecad and printed a new phone mount.

A screenshot of the 3d modeled replacement part in freecad

The phone mount model that I printed was this model on thingiverse.

A 3d printed phone mount for a tripod (uses standard camera mount)

I'm glad that I'm able to give new life to something I would've had to throw away were it not for 3d printing

A tripod with a new 3d printed piece holding the legs together

It's still kinda broken but i should be able to repair that as well, and my quick fix of tape and a splint seems to be holding up for now.

a photo of yet another broken piece of the tripod