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Free Presets for Vital

Kevin Nel


Unfortunately due to licencing issues I had to remove these presets. Although I did make them from scratch they were using the factory wavetables which are unfortunately not re-distributable. I may decide to remake them all using my own wavetables but until then the presets are unavailable 😢

Ever since Matt Tytel's Vital released late 2020 I've been playing with this synth almost non stop. It's an amazing wavetable synth in the vein of Xfer serum and Arturia Pigments but it's entirely free (although you can opt to pay for more stock patches to be included and support the developer if you'd like).

Since I've been pumping out presets for this synth I thought I would make my presets available to download for free.

You can get them here as either individual presets or a bank containing all of them.

I'll keep them updated as I tweak and make more so be sure to save/rename any that you like if you ever plan on re-downloading them again (just incase they get overwritten if I change them).