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I have already dabbled somewhat in mechanical keyboards. My first DIY build was a handwired split ortholinear. I am currently deciding whether to build another split keyboard or make something a little more portable. In the mean time I have been gather parts and mocking up designs.

salvaging switches

I managed to salvage around 90 switches from an old mechanical keyboard

desoldering some switches
some salvaged switches
managed to score some LEDs too


After using an ortholinear for some time I am convinced to keep using ergonomic layouts.


This wonderfully designed 3d printed split on thingiverse with an awesome star wars vibe to it.


3d printing a case


I do miss having a numpad and after using layers don't really miss function keys so these are the two main designs for now.

a preonic with extra steps

full size ortho

a planck with extra steps

slimmed down full ortho