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envelopes in the track

you can show envelopes in the track, just like in ableton.


Go to Preferences > Editing Behavior > Envelope Display then uncheck "Show new envelopes in separate envelope lanes"

You can also right click on an envelope and check or uncheck "Show envelope in lane" from the right click context menu.

some setting to change because the defaults are bad

The reaper blogs setup

Your Reaper Keybinds and settings are a living breathing thing, with no two reaper users having the same settings. Some liken it to programmers and their .vimrc

  1. Audio Storage Location
  2. Copy Media Files To Project Directory
  3. Reaper Backups
  4. Alternate Reapeaks Folder
  5. Zoom and Scroll Behaviour

setting up reaper on linux


quick add eq

envelope of last touched parameter