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Infrequently needed but very helpful commands

Really useful stuff that I often forget how to do when I need it.

Convert mkv file to mp4 with ffmpeg

ffmpeg -i input_file.mkv -c out_file.mp4

Convert images to pdf with ImageMagick

convert img1.jpg img2.bmp img3.png file.pdf

Merge multiple images

convert -append img_in_*.jpg img_out.jpg #vertically
convert +append img_in_*.jpg img_out.jpg #horizontally

Search for a command in your bash history

history | grep "cp -r /file"

OR USE and start typing to reverse search through your history 😱

clone, modify, commit and push to a git repo

git clone
cd repository
# make your changes
git add * #adds all files
git commit -a -m "commit message"
git status #double check what you modified
git push -u origin main #main is the branch to push commit to and -u sets it as default so you can just use git push for future commits