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Infrequently needed but very helpful commands.

Really useful stuff that I often forget how to do when I need it.

Convert mkv file to mp4 with ffmpeg

ffmpeg -i input_file.mkv -c out_file.mp4

Convert images to pdf with ImageMagick

convert img1.jpg img2.bmp img3.png file.pdf

Search for a command in your bash history

history | grep "cp -r /file"

clone, modify, commit and push to a git repo

git clone
cd repository
# make your changes
git add * #adds all files
git commit -a -m "commit message"
git status #double check what you modified
git push -u origin main #main is the branch to push commit to and -u sets it as default so you can just use git push for future commits


why i think linux is great



point release distribution that has been around forever. many other distributions are based on it (ubuntu etc). uses the apt package manager


Rolling release distribution, strives to be bleeding edge. 64 bit support only with community support for arm and other architectures. uses the pacman package manager. has a community run packaging systems (AUR arch user repositories) where users can package sofware not available in the official repositories, this makes a lot of software available for the platform.

Plan 9

Bell labs successor to UNIX. never really took off has very interesting and novel ways of dealing with multi-users and networks.


collection of great gnome apps