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I prefer to prepare my coffee using manual brewing methods and not machines. My weapon off choice and my daily driver brewing device in an aeropress.

Hario V60 pour over

This was the biggest step up in quality to my coffee (mostly attributed to the fact that I started to use beans instead of pre-ground coffee since I also acquired a grinder at the same time)

Chemex (6 cup)

The Chemex is practically a work of art (it is even on display in the Museum of Modern art in New York). Something about it's shape and form makes coffee just mesmerising to look at.

Gotta give it a good swirl

On my recent trip to Europe I found one for a really good deal in a coffee shop in Paris, and decided to bring it home. It produces an extremely clean cup of coffee that is almost tea-like. The filters are much more expensive than the Hario V60 filters, so I am reserving it for special occasions. It is also the only brewer I own that is capable of making more than 2 cups of coffee at once, this makes it great for when I am making coffee for friends/family.


Oh the aeropress, how I love thee!

I find the aeropress to be extremely forgiving and it is very difficult to mess it up and make a bad cup of coffee. This is important for me as I don't use a scale and it also makes it a perfect candidate for my daily driver. I make coffee using my aeropress twice a day using James Hoffman's optimised recipe.

Moka Pot

I don't use my moka pot very often, but I love to use it when I am in the mood for a milky beverage like a cappuccino or latte. When I make an improv cappucino I use my french press to froth some heated milk. Moka is different from espresso since it can't build up enough pressure so it's not a 1:1 but it gets close enough for me.

I use James hoffmans recipe when I prepare moka.

French Press

This was my first foray into making real coffee at home. Up until this point I had been drinking instant coffee my entire life. I enjoyed it with pre-ground coffee for a while but soon started to look into getting a grinder to start using beans.

I have yet to invest in a decent french press and I tend to avoid it due to the extra clean up when compared to v60 and aeropress. I still use it more often than the moka pot though and enjoy the richer body and more earthy flavours this method brings out due to its fairly large filter that allows more particulates into the cup.

Hario Hand Grinder

This was my first grinder and allowed my to start using beans and grinding fresh instead of using preground coffee. It's a lovely ceramic burr grinder with a curvy cylindrical design. It can hold enough grounds for 2-4 cups of coffee and the vessel that holds the grounds allows the coffee to pour out freely since there aren't many crevises for the coffee to get stuck in (unlike my electric grinder which is a pain and makes a terrible mess.). It's a little bit of work to use and is not the most consistent for larger grind sizes, but for my primary use of aeropress and pour over it does a really great job.

Electric Burr Grinder

I found this electric burr grinder at a second hand shop for a very good deal and it looked nearly unused. It uses steel burrs and does a decent job getting a consistent grind. And it can grind a fair bit finer than my hand grinder. It does have the unfortunate feature of being terribly designed. Here are a few things about it that really bug me.

It is fairly easy to clean though and much quicker than grinding by hand so i still end up using it more often than my hand