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Why I Think Linux is Great

Kevin Nel

It might never be "the year of the Linux desktop" but Linux is still super cool I switched to linux on my laptop about 3 years ago no and my favorite parts about it are:

1. Using my computer is way more fun and interesting

If you're technical then this is good but if you don't care you can also ignore it most of the time i just really love getting to know the nitty gritty of how my computer works

2. I feel in control of my computer

Nothing happens unless I tell it to happen

3. Super customizable

Not just graphically but also functionally. if i don't like the way something works i can usually change it

4. No more dodgy driver downloads

Most weird peripherals just work when you plug them and if not then someone has probably written an open source driver for it thats in the repos and is usuallya one liner in the terminal away.

This is important for me because I use a lot of random chinese electronics stuff for my studies (electronic engineering) stuff like USB to ttl adapters, microcontroller dev boards, bootleg arduino copies and such all just work on linux.

5. Super secure

Obviously if you don't practice secure and safe internet usage you aren't 100% secure but just the mentality of getting software from a trusted place via a package manager and the fact that there are less Linux viruses floating around make it more secure.

6. Extremely helpful community

Apart form arch memers, which Ive never actually encountered, most people online are more than willing to help you with troubleshooting