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Top Five Websites To Learn And Practice Touch Typing

Kevin Nel

If you have never typed properly or want to learn from scratch this site has great tutorials and exercises. It takes you step by step through proper touch typing technique with short easily digestible lessons.

This one is a great practice site that learns from you and makes exercises to help improve your weaknesses. The words it uses are not real words. It uses english word rules to generate strange words that somehow still feel natural. This prevents you from forming habits when typing specific words but still trains you on common letter groups like "ough" and "ing"

Monkeytype is an awesome practice website with many awesome options. It stores data on your tests that you take and helps to visualise your typing progress. The site is extremely customisable yet still super easy to get into and quick to get going. (Hint for a real challenge try set the language to english10k for the top 10000 english words and not just the top 100) They also have a community on discord if you want to chat about typing related things or compare your progress with others.

Typeracer Is the oldest site on this list and has been around for the better part of 2 decades. It lets you challenge your friends or race random people online. it has a cool graphic with little cars for each "player" that move along as everyone completes the quote. It's also a great real world test since all of its text comes from quotes, songs, books, movies and more. is a minimalist alternative to monkeytype. It uses the same wordlists but has no account features or stats. I love to use it to warm up before doing a few rounds on monkeytype (This way my stats don't tank if I haven't practised in a while.)