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Essential Plugins for Reaper

Kevin Nel

The first thing I realized when starting with Reaper was that I didn't have all the plugins I had before with logic pro and I was hunting down plugins for ages before I started really being productive. so here are my essential plugins for Reaper. TLDR at the end


This is not a "top free plugins" list as there are plenty more free plugins that are amazing but I wouldn't consider essential to make reaper a complete DAW. If you've purchased better plugins like serum or sylenth1 etc, then you may not need all of these. This is a jumping off point intended to make Reaper a more usable environment for complete beginners or people coming from more production oriented DAWs looking to make electronic music.


Sitala Drum Sampler

Firstly, unless you want to try figure out reasampleomatic5000 or you make ambient drone music you probably want a nice drum sampler. For that theres Sitala an excellent free drum sampler that allows you to drag and drop samples, has multichannel outputs, gives your midi notes names in reaper, and gives you the ability to tweak the samples with a basic eq, reverse, fades and more! It also comes with an 808 and a 909 style kit.


Steven Slate Drums 5 Free Acoustic Kit

Steven Slate Drums 5 Sampler is the highest quality acoustic drum sounds you can get a hold of for free, the free kits it comes with can sound very heavy but the sounds are incredibly recorded and very velocity sensitive. You can tweak each drum sound individually, it supports multichannel outputs and the groove patterns that it comes with are pretty solid too.



I am going to split this section up between a couple categories, and because I come from logic pro I am basically just finding replacements for what I was using in logic.

Modern Synthesizer Plugins

These plugins are going to be your "workhorse" synthesizers. If you know your stuff you can make any sound using just these


is an open source digital synthesizer with great presets and modulation options, it sounds great and can pull off anything from wavetables and fm to fat analog sounds.



Vital is an excellent wavetable synthesizer in the vein of Arturia Pygments or Xfer Serum. Not to be over dramatic but this one is a game changer! It basically packs all the features of serum into a free (and open source) plugin. It is made by the same person who made helm which I suggested above. (I have completely switched from serum to Vital since it came out)


Honorable Mention:

helm used to be on this list before Vital came out and it is still an excellent plugin. it is an open source synth thats nice for more complex and experimental sound design like dubstep or weird glitchy ambience. The modulation options are quite extensive and it is extremely versatile.

"Retro" Synths

If you're like me you probably love a good cheesy 80s pad or warm vintage mono lead synth. Here are my recommendations.

discoDSP OB-XD

discoDSP OB-XD is an emulation of the classic Oberheim DX synthesizer. It is my go to for vintage polyphonic synth sounds. There are also a lot of preset banks available for it online.


Tal uno 62

Tal uno 62 is a great free emulation of a Roland Juno.


Uhe Tyrell n6

Uhe Tyrell n6 is an analog style software synth with some cool presets and lots of functionality. The link on their website takes you to a german site, the download links are just a bit lower on the page.


FM synths

FM synthesis can be pretty confusing, but if you give it time the sounds achievable can be incredibly rich and complex.


Dexed is a one to one emulation of the yamaha dx7, it can even read old yamaha dx7 sysex presets. The interface is pretty confusing but since there are thousands of dx7 presets online you dont realy need to fiddle too much.


If you are looking for something a bit easier to use/understand then Sonic Bits Exakt Lite is what you are looking for!

The dead duck ddx10 (download the instruments bundle) could also be a viable alternative fo you if your just looking for something dead simple to get you going with some classic fm sounds.

If you don't already understand FM synthesis you can check out this great video by Andrew Huang for a starter, and this one by the excellent cuckoo.

Bass/Lead (Mono) Synths

What would a list of synthesizers be without some nice mono synths?

Tal noise maker

Tal noise maker is another free Tal plugin (see any trends?) it's great for grimey basses, and its interface is much more refined than Tal elektro. Tal's filters just sound excellent and wonderfully dirty.


HY mono

HY mono is my current favorite mono synth vst. It's not too complicated, has a great interface and has just enough to get you fiddling and making some cool sounds.


Real Instruments

But what if you need an upright bass or trombone or maybe a harp?

LAB's (Spitfire Audio)

Spitfire Audio has been giving away sample libraries for free every couple of weeks in their LABS plugin. It has tons of cinematic and orchestral instruments as well as pads and other textural/experimental sounds. The "soft piano" preset has also become a modern classic. You really can't go wrong with these they sound very professional and it's easy to get great sounds out of them. They are also very responsive to midi velocity and thus can be very expressive. Also be sure to check their site every couple of weeks as they add more libraries all the time.


Sampleson collab3

Sampleson collab3 is an excellent free tone-wheel organ reminiscent of the hammond B3.


Keyzone Classic by Bit Sonic

Keyzone Classic by Bit Sonic has a much brighter grand piano type sound as opposed to the soft upright felt piano that comes with LABs. It also has a decent Rhodes-like electric piano.


dead duck Dpiano E

dead duck Dpiano E has a few different styles of electric piano to choose from if you don't fancy the LABS wurlitzer or e-piano.


Ample Sounds Bass P Lite

Ample Sounds Bass P Lite is a deep sampled P-Bass with plenty of articulations and that classic P-Bass punch.


bonus: check out Ample Sounds, Cloud Drum, Hang Drum plugin and their acoustic guitar.

Native Instruments Komplete Start

Native Instruments Komplete Start has pretty much everything else you could ask for. Their plugins are very high quality and this is just enough of a taste to make you crave the full version of Kontatk but the sounds that are available in this pack for free are very good.




The stock eq plugin in reaper is great, but if you want to step up your EQ game you should try ReEQ (not ReaEQ!). It is a JS plugin, but does not come with Reaper (you have to copy it into your effects folder in the Reaper resource path). This EQ has quite a few more types of bands as well as Mid/Side processing capabilities which ReaEQ (the stock EQ plugin) does not have.


Analog Obsessions Rare

Analog Obsessions Rare is an excellent pulteq emulation. I am not normally one for preamps and analog emulsions of eqs but theres something really nice about Analog Obsession's plugins they add a little bit of drive in a very subtle and warm way. Certainly nicer than the white noise and distortion that some waves plugins add.


Analog Obsessions Brit Channel

Analog Obsessions Brit Channel aims to channel the sound of a neve 1073 channel strip. The drive is gain compensated which is amazing and it goes from adding some subtle warmth to full out blown capacitor sounds. the eq is also very nice and never sounds harsh even when pushing the highs up.


Analog Obsessions Merica

Analog Obsessions Merica is another console emulator this time emulator a famous american channel strip. I love the way this sounds when boosting the highs and lows and cutting the mids it very smooth and held back so don't expect it to be as exaggerated as the brit channel but its still very useful for adding some subtle spice to a track.



Lepou amps

Don't let the age of the Lepou amp modelling plugins fool you. They're a classic and for a reason. Most of the amps are a little too high gain for my taste but the hybrit is my favorite amp model. I even think it sounds better than the free guitar rig stuff.



These amp sims don't come with any cabinet emulation and the will sound like a box of nails if you don't use a cab sim, but do not fear because that's the next suggestion.

If you would like to read more about impulse responses check out joey sturgis tones' great articles here (getting started) and here (common misconceptions)

Nadir Cab Sim

Nadir Cab Sim is an excellent impulse response loader plugin that comes with some great free mic and cab impulses.


Analog Obsession Kabin

Analog Obsession Kabin is a no frills cabinet sim with a few knobs to tweak. sounds great and gets the job done with minimal effort.


Voxengo Boogex

Voxengo Boogex can sound a little boxy but it gives you decent control over the sound with a graphical eq and some decent cab impulses.


Ignite Amps other plugins

Their Ts999 (tubescreamer emulation) and emissary (high gain amp) are also great guitar plugins.



Acon Digital multiply

Multiply is an awesome chorus thats really tweakable but still easy to use. I highly recommend this one. It's especially good for more subtle chorus sounds or adding some width.


HY Modulation Plugins

HY makes great plugins and I often finding myslef using the modulation plugins Especially the chorus/flanger plugin.


don't worry! although plugins4free does looks kind of dodgy, all the downloads are legal, and each plugin has a link to the original developer at the top of the page

Pecheneg tremolo

Pecheneg tremolo is tremolo with a nice interface that makes it very quick to get the tremolo sound you want. From smooth to choppy in seconds.


Pecheneg auto swell

Pecheneg auto swell is like a boss slow gear in your DAW! No more automating volume swells!



Unfortunately when it comes to reverbs the free options are not quite as good as paid ones, I suggest your first plugin be a good reverb like Native Instruments Raum, or Valhalla Room. There are also plenty of reverb impulse responses available online that you can load into Reaverb or MConvolutionEZ. You can also wait for giveaways which most plugin companies do fairly often.

Tal reverb 4

Tal reverb 4 is an early 2000s styled digital plate reverb, you can get some crazy ambiance out of it, but don't expect anything too realistic.


Oliriver plate/hall reverb

Oliriver plate/hall reverb is a more subdued hall/plate style reverb that can get the more realistic and subtle sounds down.


Cloudseed algorithmic reverb

Cloudseed algorithmic reverb is an ambient machine! the controls are a little weird but it does that beautiful modulated ambient reverb sound really well.


Voxeno Old Skool Verb

Voxeno Old Skool Verb is goof for lofi room sounds.


Airwindows Reverbs

The Airwindows Plugins don't have pretty interfaces but they sound great! Verbity, Matrix, and BrightAmbience2 are more "realistic" sounding room/plate style verbs while galactic is an epic pad reverb that can literally turn any sound into a tonal pad.


Valhalla supermassive

Valhalla supermassive is another ambient reverb/delay with a funky control scheme brought to you by the team responsible for some of the best modern reverb sounds available.


Melda MConvolutionEZ

Melda MConvolutionEZ is the best free way to load reverb impulse responses. It also comes with a bunch of really good impulses. Melda also has a free pack of plugins with basically one of every plugin you could want. They're a bit mit or miss but its a great way to experiment with some unique effects.




Readelay is the stock delay plugin in Reaper, has a few quirks but you can get a lot of decent sounds out of it. You can check out this video by Dan Worrall explaining it in more depth.


Leet Delay2 by Sonic Anomaly

Leet Delay2 by Sonic Anomaly can be downloaded through reapack or on It' a really nice dark gritty analog style delay with ping pong.


Spaceship Delay by Musical Entropy

Saving the best for last, Spaceship Delay by Musical Entropy is my all time favorite delay VST plugin! It does everything from pristine digital delay to gritty tape emulation with flutter and modulation. It is also very lightweight and versatile.


Saturation and Dynamics


Klanghelm has 3 great free plugins for some aggressive compression and saturation (IVGI, DC1A, MJUC jr)



Krush is an awesome bit-crusher and distortion, really great on drums.


JS Waveshaping distortion

The JS Waveshaping distortion comes with Reaper and only has one slider but don't underestimate it!


FreeClip by Venn Audio

FreeClip is similar to JS waveshaping distortion but with a few more saturation curves. It doesn't have any eq but it's a very versatile saturation and clipping plugin that can do everything from hard digital clipping to flubby tube style overdrive.



Voxengo SPAN is an incredible spectrum analyser that really shouldn't be free. A good spectrum analyser is a powerful tool for mixing and can help help you spot problems that your equipment might not be letting hear. Check This amazing video by Dan Worral explaining how to use a spectrum analyzer. He also has a lot great mixing videos for the more technically inclined.


Quality of life


If you are new then I suggest just searching for what you need when you need it and download free packs to build up your sample library. Just be sure not to hoard too many packs and don't be afraid to delete packs you think aren't that great.

Check out these great places:


TLDR: These are the best plugins on this entire list

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With these free plugins you can turn reaper from a great DAW for mixing adn live recording into a GREAT daw for everything from beat-making to remixes and EDM.